Supply It is one team versus the other. Both teams start at a home base, where they will be given a few minutes to discuss the strategy of the field. Once the mission begins, the team must execute their plan to eliminate all of the other team players before the mission ends. When each player has died for the fifth time, they will return to the graveyard. The team with the most players alive at the end of the mission time is the winner for this mission.

Supply barrels have been airdropped at the center of the battlefield. The mission is to recover and keep as many supply barrels as possible before the mission ends. Each team will strategically decide on how they want to recover and defend the supply barrels to ensure survival. Anyone can bring the supplies back to base, but if they get killed while recovering, the supplies must be dropped. They will become fair game for anyone to capture at that point. At the end of the mission, the team with the most supply barrels at their base wins the mission. 

The best generals lead their troops, but they must also be protected at all costs. Each team will begin at their base forstrategic discussions. One player from each team will be chosen as a general. They will have one life, but will also be harder to kill than the rest of their troops. Once the mission begins, each team is attempting to discover the general of the other team. Once the general has died the other team has won the mission.

Every player is on their own. No one is safe. There are no bases or teams for this mission. The field commander will start the mission with all players in the center of the battlefield. Use caution, there may be some temporary alliances that have been made… or broken. Will you be the last one standing?

Your team is given the important task of defending the base from the attacking team. While the attacking team is at their

base strategizing how to capture your stronghold, your team is strategically placing itself on the battlefield to defend it. If you happen to lose your position on the base, you must find a way to re-gain control. This mission is played with a respawn box in the center of the battlefield. You must respawn after each death. The team with the most teammates at the base or teammate closest to the base at the end of the mission time wins.

You are alone and unafraid. Can you eliminate the threat before you give up your position? One player is determined to be the sniper for the mission. This player has five lives before they are eliminated. They are not confined to a base and must survive until the mission time ends. The remaining players are trying to eliminate the reported sniper however if they are killed by the sniper, they must return to camp to respawn into the battlefield.

Can you figure out who the traitor is? Each team has one traitor among them, and it may be you. As each team is trying to eliminate the other team, one random teammate will be unable to shoot the other team. If you find out that it is you, you want to secretly eliminate your own team, because you win if the other team wins. Try not to let the others discover that you are the traitor though.

Capture and hold the other teams flag for as long as possible

Determine the code to the safe and collect its contents. (Use briefcase to transfer contents and give code to safe)

Three teams - One sniper, One attacking Team, and one CSAR team